Worg Teeth is available as soon as Worg's Demise is finished. 


8 Grassland Worgs must be defeated in Worg Lair in order to collect Worg Teeth from them. One dungeon run is enough to achieve this.


Click on [Campaign] -> Click on [Worg Lair] -> Kill [Grassland Worgs] to
collect [Worg Tooth] x8.
These uncommon theeth are extremely sharp and are primarily used for creating


No dialogues during this quest.


Once completed, players are rewarded with 5.000 EXP and 1.0000 Daru.

Questline Overview
Previous Quest(s)
Current Quest(s)
Next Quest(s)
Worg's Demise
Worg Teeth
Plunder a City
Soldier Upgrade

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