Heaven Horn

Heaven Horn

Wishing Wall is a kind of shop where you exchange Heaven Horns and Balens for various items. To open Wishing Wall, use (or double-click) Heaven Horn.


Wishing Wall
After double-clicking Heaven Horn, a new window appears, showing 8 turned up cards and their respective possible rewards.

Clicking Start turns down the cards, shuffle them and then the cards are put in their place. Turning up a card consumes 1 Heaven Horn. Clicking on Skip skips the shuffling animation and shows all 8 cards already shuffled and turned down.

After that, players can turn up another card by spending 60 Balens and another Heaven Horn or click Once More and restart the shuffle.


There 8 possible rewards:

  • 4 Star Sand
  • 60 Will Crystal Shards
  • 10 Star Sands
  • 4 Star Tear Shards
  • 3 Sylph Sepulcrums
  • 2 Celestial Stones
  • 20 Star Sand
  • 3 Mahra

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