• PSaid


    February 13, 2013 by PSaid

    The guild Moonlight is one of the top 8 guilds on the [S3] Worg Lair Wartune server under the capable leadership of Starins.

    It is an active guild with many helpful and friendly members.

    • Guild chat should always be in english so that as few members as possible are excluded from understanding what is going on.
    • Be respectfull in the chat, no verbal assault on members of the guild, or people in the game in general.

    • Don't be condescending towards people you beat in a duel, or rude towards people that beat you.

    • Do NOT attack guildmates in Battlegrounds without permission! (If is done by accident apologize, and if is done more than twice than people will probably not believe that it was an accident.)

    • Do NOT stay afk during a guild battle, whether in spa‚Ķ

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