Hi Darathos here,

First of all, if you are reading this you must either be curios or an admin who i would like to speak to. I would like the admins's who run this wiki, permission to make a large edit to the sylph pages. I feel noobies to the game would find this information very helpful for when they research getting a sylph at lv.50. I would like to explain how each sylph as it's own positives and negatives. E.g;

Iris/Triton - A brilliant healer and supporter for your main sylphs, has many healing moves however lacks in attack and defense.

Apollo/Athena - Perfect for group PvP or group PvE, apollo has many brilliant AOEs that damage enemies, however he is not good against single targets as the AOEs are no better than single attacks. 

And you get the point. Finally, the second evolutions of the sylphs, i will not add this myself but would like to ask when the admins will be adding info on that, Thank you to any admins reading this, if you agree with my blog post please leave a comment saying i can go through with this edit, if not, then i will add it myself hoping none of you remove it.

Thanks for reading, cya

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