Okay so first im new to Wartune Wiki blog So let me tell you a lottle bit about myself. My name Is Brian and my Game name From from server 46 is ASSKICKERs46. I am starting this blog to help people out that is just starting. I have a youtube channel and the name Is BrianA772 I havent posted any new videos yet. I hope to help you a little more. I am Going to hands on classes to be a welder so i currantly am a decent casher Im not a "PRO" casher but im a casher. My job here is to help you become strong weather you are or are not a casher. So lets get started shall we...

Starting off

There is events this month called Gods Gift. There are so many things you can do which are listed below in the. There are lots of events which you can see in HOT EVENTS. The two that I want to point out are those where you can exchange lvl 45 gear for lvl 60 gear and lvl 55 gear for lvl 60 gear. These two events you MUST take the gems out if you want to save them or you will loose them. The lvl 45 & 65 gear are the gear from the Arena Shop ONLY. They exchange for PVE Gear (Gear from The Cats shop)

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