Several quests exist that demand that the player upgrades the specified troop type to a certain level.

The first quest of that type is unlocked as soon as Wulfgar and Worg Teeth have been completed.

Soldier UpgradeEdit

The first quest demands the player to upgrade his lancers to level 3.


Click on the [Upgrade] button in the Barracks panel or the soldiers' attribute
panel -> Upgrade Lancer to Lvl. 3.
You must collect and earn Daru to upgrade the level of your soldiers.


Dinah: My liege, surrounding villages have been attacking our gold mines. What shall we do?
Hero: We need to teach those greedy fools a lesson! Prepare for battle!
Dinah: That is an excellent idea! But we must ensure our troops are prepared first. Visit the Barracks to train the troops in order to secure our success.
Hero: Very well. We hall leave as soon as the troops are strengthened.


2000 Daru

Questline Overview
Previous Quest(s)
Current Quest(s)
Next Quest(s)
Worg Teeth
Upgrade Soldiers
Plunder a City
Recruit Hunters
Accelerate Building Construction Cooldown

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