Underground Palace

Underground Palace Adventure (or just Underground Palace) is a limited-time mini-game event introduced with the launch of patch 3.2 part 2. It lasts 2 weeks and can be accessed from the Events toolbar.

Opening Time: All Day

Level Requirements: Over level 51 (yet to be confirmed)




Underground Palace consists on 5 floors, each one containing a 10x10 grid of squared tiles, where all the tiles are covered by fog, allowing players to see only the 8 tiles around the character (like in Wilds) and the tiles where the character alrdy stepped. Character can walk on the grid by clicking on the tiles within a 1 tile radius, and each movement will cost a Step. 30 Steps are given daily at start, more can be bought with Un/bound Balens.

On top right corner, there is a event indicator in the top right corner which shows remaining Normal Events left to access excluding special events. There's a total of 31 normal events in each floor, identified by orbs, which can be seen when the character comes close to them. Each orb contains a different event.

As players complete these events, a minimum or 10*(UP Level) points is obtained, which counts towards the Rewards Pack Meter on the left. As higher floors are reached, more points can be obtained from events, which can be completed or skipped, but if the player chooses to skip, no points will be received.

Icon Name Effect
UP Vitality
Vitality Gives a random number of extra steps
UP Treasure
Treasure Gives a random item
UP Redemption
Redemption Gives an extra revival attempt
UP Point Spree
Point Spree Player can choose 1 of 4 cards for extra points, which cam vary from (10 + 10*UP Level) to (40 + 10*Up Level)
UP Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw Player can choose 1 of 4 cards for a random item and extra points
UP Enter the next Level
Enter the next level Enter the next Underground Palace floor
UP Encounter
Encounter Player fights a monster (It's possible to pay balens to earn the points without having to fight)
UP Death and Redemption
Death and Redemption Player chooses 1 of 2 cards. Choosing Death kills the character; choosing Redemption grants an extra revival attempt
UP Black Market
Black Market 2 random items appear to be bought with Balens only. Points are obtained when at least one of the items offerred is bought

Some tiles hide a special events. Each floor contains a certain amount of these (so far 3 of each kind), which can be:

  • Death: The character dies
    UP Binded

    Bind Effect

  • Bind: The character can't move for 1-2 mins
  • Rare Item: When the character steps a tile and the phrase "This looks like a good place to hide something..." appears on the screen, the player can click the magnifier next to the steps indicator. It will consume 3 steps to search the current stepped tile for a rare item.

There's a Normal Event Indicator on top right corner which says how many events (orbs) are left in the current floor. When there are 3 or less remaining, players can step the orb that gives access to the next floor; when all events are cleared (perfect clearance), extra points are awarded:

  • L1: 50 points
  • L2: 100 points
  • L3: 300 points
  • L4: 500 points
  • L5: 700 points


According to the amount of points players acquire while completing events, a Rewards Pack Meter is filled, unlocking better rewards.

Chest Points Required Content
Adventurer Treasure Chest I
Adventurer Treasure Chest I

3 Sylph Sepulcrums

3 Mahras

2 Mount Training Whips

1 Sylph Skill Chest

10 Sylph Equipment Shard

1 Sylph Equipment Enchantment Pack

Adventurer Treasure Chest II
Adventurer Treasure Chest II

5 Sylph Sepulcrums

5 Mahras

3 Mount Training Whips

100 Soul Crystals

1 Vulcan's Stove

10 Sylph Equipment Shard

1 Sylph Equipment Enchantment Pack

Adventurer Treasure Chest III
Adventurer Treasure Chest III

10 Sylph Sepulcrums

10 Mahras

10 Mount Training Whips

1 Fashion Core

2 Vulcan's Stoves

10 Sylph Equipment Shard

2 Sylph Equipment Enchantment Pack

Adventurer Treasure Chest IV
Adventurer Treasure Chest IV

15 Sylph Sepulcrums

15 Mahras

15 Mount Training Whips

1 Good Luck Charm

3 Vulcan's Stoves

10 Sylph Equipment Shard

3 Sylph Equipment Enchantment Pack

Adventurer Treasure Chest V
Adventurer Treasure Chest V

20 Sylph Sepulcrums

20 Mahras

20 Mount Training Whips

10 Mount Hoofs

5 Soul Seals

4 Vulcan's Stoves

10 Sylph Equipment Shard

10 Sylph Equipment Enchantment Pack

Furthermore, players can obtain, while searching in strange tiles, special rewards, whose amount increases as higher floors are reached

Item Amount Usage/Content
Underground Palace Map Shard
Underground Palace Map Shard

Underground Chest - 5 shards required

(10 Sepulcrums, 10 Mahras and 50, 100 or 300 Bound Balens)

Underground Palace Mount Shard
Underground Palace Mount Shard
1-5 Magical Anteater (+30 mount)
Vulcan's Stove
Vulcan's Stove
1-5 Holy Cast
Mystery Chest 1 500,000 gold, 5 Sepulcrums, 5 Mahras, 5 Mount Training Whips, 1 Vulcan's Stove

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