Enlightenment Window

 Troop enlightenments gives your hero a percentage bonus of one of your active troops' stats (PATK, MATK, defenses, HP, etc.)

Every time you enlighten, you are given a random skill which you can either swap with your current one, or ignore it and continue.


Enlightenment costs large amounts of Daru. Each consecutive level gives you a bigger percentage bonus of your chosen skill. Different troop classes provides different stats (e.g. Knight's HP transformation is +1% and Templar's HP transformation is +5%)

Level Required Daru Effect
1 Default 1% (Health 5%)
2 5,000,000 2% (Health 10%)
3 10,000,000 3% (Health 15%)
4 20,000,000 5% (Health 25%)
5 40,000,000 7% (Health 35%)
6 70,000,000 9% (Health 45%)
7 110,000,000 11% (Health 55%)
8 200,000,000 14% (Health 70%)
9 320,000,000 17% (Health 85%)
10 480,000,000 20% (Health 100%)
(applies only for Templars and Warlocks)

There is a small chance of unlocking the next level when enlightening before the Blessing Bar is completely filled.

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