Tribal Plateau is a quest, available as soon as Orc Bones is finished.

Additionally this is the first occasion where the player meets Elise.


Passing Tribal Plateau by defeating Kronos at the end of the dungeon completes the quest.


Click on [Campaign] -> Select [Tribal Plateau] -> Gain passage through the
Kronos, the leader of the Taurens, is currently located on Tribal Plateau.
Prepare for a long, hard battle.


When entering the dungeon for the first time:

Dinah: Elise has made it safely back to the temple and is passing along word of your valiant actions against the Taurens!
Hero:She is too kind. *clears throat* Anyway, is this the Tribal Plateau?
Dinah: Yes. Kronos and his Tauren army are not far. They are soon to fall at your hand. But we must be on guard. The forces here are very strong.
Hero: Dinah, this place is dangerous. Perhaps you should head back.
Dinah: I will follow you to the end; wherever that may be. Come! Let us tarry here no longer. Kronos is very near!

When reaching the dungeon boss:

Kronos: You worthless humans! All the bounties of Balenor will be ours one again. Bow and show respect to your new master.
Hero: Kronos, you have plagued this once glorious land and brought it into ruin. You must be stopped!
Kronos: Hahahahah! I am great Karnatog reincarnated! I will lead my people back to our glory days when Taurens reigned supreme over all other races!
Hero: Kronos, the time of the Taurens has ended. I will put you back in your place!
Kronos: Muahahah! Big words for such a puny human! Come! Feel my steal (sic!) in your belly!


Once completed, players are rewarded with 20000 EXP, 2000 Gold and 2 Extreme Stamina Potions.

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