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Tribal Plateau is the sixth Dungeon in the Autaric Plains and the sixth dungeon alltogether, unlocked at Lvl. 17 and recommended for Lvl. 17-19. 

The recommended troop level is 15.


The Tribal Plateau consists of only 1 area.

The path through it is very twisted. In the first turn Pandora's Box is located.


As a novelty of this dungeon, the enemies roaming the area have reinforcement, therefore some fights have three waves of opponents.

The dungeon contains the following groups of enemies:

  • 1 group consisting of 3 waves of 2 Lvl. 17 Tauren Gladiators each
  • 1 group consisting of 3 waves of 2 Lvl. 19 Toros each
  • 1 Lvl. 16 Bloodthirsty Tauren in the upper right corner of the area
    • Only until the dungeon is beaten once
  • Dungeon Boss: Kronos ("Tauren Grand Master", Lvl. 18)



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