uTreasure Chests are found in multiplayer dungeons accessible from the Hall of Heroes and in solo Campaigns. There are three types of treasure chests with each giving better rewards. 

Another type of chest that can be found in dungeons and campaigns are Mystery Boxes.

Bronze Treasure ChestEdit

Opening a Bronze Treasure Chest is free, but they give the weakest rewards of all. They are mainly found in beginner dungeons and campaigns.

Possible rewards:

Silver Treasure ChestEdit

Silver Treasure Chests offer better rewards than Bronze chests.  But silver treasure chests cost gold to be opened ranging from 1000 to 4000. See table below.

Possible rewards (sorted by chest opening costs):

Opening Costs Rewards (one from)
1000 Gold
2000 Gold
3000 Gold
4000 Gold

Golden Treasure ChestEdit

Golden Treasure Chests are the most expensive chests to open, but they give the best rewards.

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