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As of patch 1.51, this option became available to players of all levels.  Players can choose from 39 different titles once they have been earned. These titles are categorized into General, PvP, Catacombs, and Others. The titles are in different colors: Grey for inferior titles, Purple for normal titles, and Golden for superior titles.



Balenor's Top Warrior (temporary)

  • No.1 in Battle Rating Rankings

Top 10 (temporary)

  • Top 10 in Battle Rating Rankings

Top Mage/Top Archer/Top Knight (temporary)

  • No.1 Battle Rated Mage/Archer/Knight (according to player class)


  • Soul Engraving of Lvl.80

Astral Master

  • Own a Lvl.10 Astral


  • Obtain 2,000 Honor


  • Obtain 4,000 Honor


  • Obtain 7,000 Honor

Elite Warrior

  • Obtain 10,000 Honor

Crusader (temporary)

  • Obtain 32,000 Honor

Knight Crusader (temporary)

  • Obtain 60,000 Honor

Elite Crusader (temporary)

  • Obtain 88,000 Honor

High Commander (temporary)

  • Obtain 126,000 Honor

Imperial Commander (temporary)

  • Obtain 176,000 Honor

Lord Divine (temporary)

  • Obtain 240,000 Honor

Most Honorable (temporary)

  • No.1 in Honor Rankings

Honor Guard (temporary)

  • Top 10 in Honor Rankings


The Champ (temporary)

  • No.1 in Arena Rankings

Arena Top 10 (temporary)

  • Top 10 in Arena Rankings

Prize Fighter

  • Accumulate 1,000 Arena wins


  • Accumulate 1,000 Batteground kills

Grim Reaper

  • Accumulate 10,000 Battleground kills

Road Warrior (temporary)

  • Top 20 in Cross-Server PvP Rankings

Sorceror(Mage)/Warlord(Knight)/Eagle Eye(Archer) (temporary)

  • No.1 in Mage//Knight/Archer (according to player class) Class War



  • Clear Lvl.100 of the Forgotten Catacombs


  • Clear Lvl.30 of the Tormented Necropolis


Balenor's No.1 Guild Master (temporary)

  • Guild Master of the Guild Battle's winning Guild

Guild Guardian

  • Obtain 10 first place victories in Guild Battle

Love Thy Guild

  • Have 100,000 Guild Contributions (100 million Gold)

Altar Defender

  • Defeat over 1,000 monsters in the Divine Altar

Mortal Blow

  • Struck the fatal blow to World Boss.

Balenor's Sweetheart (temporary)

  • No.1 in Charm Rankings

Smooth Operator (temporary)

  • Top 10 in Charm Rankings

Master Equestrian (temporary)

  • No.1 in Mount Strength Rankings

Equestrian (temporary)

  • Top 10 in Mount Strength Rankings

Surreal Situation

  • Have both Surreal Costume and Surreal Headpiece

Radiant Beauty

  • Obtain Radiant Rose

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