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The Spire is a multiplayer survival dungeon which consists of 24 levels(so far). Access to and creation of the dungeon is done through Dinah in Cloud City.

Level Requirements: Level 46 and above

Once players have assembled a party, players will have the option to buy additional skill using Balens from Spire Shop. These are noted below along with the number of times they can be used for free. Talking to the NPC adn accepting to start will start the battle. Once the battle has begun, the party will face wave after wave of bosses until all members of the party is defeated. There are no breaks in between battles.

All players, who have used attempt, will receive rewards based on the group's performance. Each boss killed will earn each player 300,000 Experience and 1 Spire Chest. Sometimes, a treasure thief (a golden goblin) appears with the boss. If the thief is defeated, it leaves behind an additional skill at random.

Nota Bene: None of the bosses can be stunned, bosses 1-20 can't be slowed but bosses 21-24 can be slowed down with casting speed debuff from players' or pet's skills and runes i.e Deep Freeze (Archer), Thunderer (Mage), Thunder Strike (Hercules) and Mire Rune. Some bosses will include buffs wilth their attacks such as Damage over Time (DoT) debuff commonly known as Bleed, decreased defences, decreased damage dealt, increased damage taken, increased/decreased casting speed debuff and stun.

Additional skillsEdit

Name Description Cooldown Start Qty Cost in Spire Shop
Guardian Shield
Guardian Shield
Reduce damage taken by 90% for 3 turns 120 seconds 3 45
Pean of Life
Paen of Life
Heal for 50% of max hp 60 seconds 3 45
Vulcan Wrath
Vulcan Wrath
Increase damage dealt by 200% for 3 turns 60 seconds 3 45
Sacred Nirvana
Sacred Nirvana
Revive yourself or a fallen party member 120 seconds 1 90

Boss 1: Karl, Spire Porter (Minotaur)Edit

Very weak starter boss.  Does single target damage on random player. Also has an AoE attack on the front row.  Mostly used as a rage builder.

Boss 2: Krowl, Blood Fiend (Lizard)Edit

Weak AoE attack that hits all players. Spawns additional lizards halfway through but these do no noteworthy damage.

Boss 3: Muloch, Nightmare (Worm)Edit

Spawns with four additional worms. These do a lot of damage.  It would be wise to AoE these asap. Once the boss is down to half a bar of hit points, Muloch will cast a damage over time debuff on all players. More on this debuff will be in the next section.

Boss 4: Garvol, The Flying Terror (Serpent)Edit

Garvol hits for big damage every other turn.  He also casts the damage over time debuff upon reaching his final health bar.

Boss 5: Lorne, The Decapitator (Manticore)Edit

Same as second boss in Moonevil Den. Nothing noteworthy.  Casts the damage over time debuff upon reaching his final health bar.

Boss 6: Randol, The Flesh Tearer (Troll)Edit

Same as second boss in Tarraton's Lair.

Attack Sequence
Physical attack to front row target
Strong Physical attack to front row target (overhand)
Physical attack to front row target
Attack to two random players Does 50% max HP to targets
Physical attack to front row target

The "strong" attack deals 20K or more damage on a BR 50K knight.

Boss 7: Pharak, Dark Pharaoh (Mummy)Edit

Just a regular boss. Does a few random attacks and AoEs for tough magic damage. Weaker teams will have trouble dealing with the AoE but otherwise this boss has no high damage attacks. It has a AoE freeze spell however, that is used right at the last bar. This reduces casting speed by 25% for 1000 turns, or until the player dies and is revived. This can be a hindrance and is recommended that the boss is killed before it can do this through use of vulcs.

Boss 8: Alikar, Frostpawn (Warlock)Edit

Does an extremely strong AoE on her second turn and every 4th turn after that. From here on, you will need to start utilizing your shields and heals to survive if you are around 45K BR.

Occasionally has been to known to use an even stronger AoE late in the battle, wiping a party just when you think you have her beat.

Boss 9: Andela, Lavaspawn (Dark Archer)Edit

Andela has weaker attacks than Alikar but uses more AoE attacks. Andela also casts a 50% damage reflect spell on herself. This can be removed but will be recast after 1-3 turns. The best you can do is avoid using attacking skills whenever possible and maintain health.

If you don't have an archer with scattershot, the best strategy for this boss is to milk her down using no specials at all and just healing through the damage. Do not use Delphic on this fight (or as stated below use it only in the beginning before she buffs up). Take her down slowly and without trying to power your way through it and  you will be fine.

An optional strategy is to give her a major blow with your delphics in the first hit. This will save time to defeat her.

Attack Sequence
Physical attack to full party Applies haste "debuff"
Applies reflection buff (no attack)
Physical attack to full party Applies haste "debuff"

Boss 10: Staphos, Doombringer (Demonic Armor)Edit

Same as the area two boss of The Badlands. accompanied with two mobs that have damage reduction and damage reflection skill. Casts a 10000 damage bleed attack. If you want to survive, a mage's Purification spell is a must.

Attack Sequence
Physical attack to front row target
? attack to random target 10k bleed
Physical attack to front row target
? attack to full party

Boss 11: Bera, The Overseer (Monster's Eye)Edit

This boss has an immensely strong single target front row damage attack. Most tanks may have trouble if their Magic Defense is low. Incendary Shot from an archer is recommended but not necessary. The boss also has an AoE attack which hits all players with weak physical damage but, adds two debuffs to them. 50% decrease to Magic and Physical defense every time the Eye uses the AoE. Purification from mages is very important to survive here.

Boss 12: Darnos, The Deatheater (Headless Dark Knight)Edit

Same Boss as in lvl7 Necropolis. Casts a 12000 damage bleed attack. Uses 1000% damage buff after a certain number of turns.

Attack Sequence
Physical attack to front row target
Magic attack to random target

Physical attack to all players

in a random horizontal row

Gives 12k bleed to all targetted players
Physical attack to front row target
Magic attack to random target

The 1000% damage buff comes some time after the third bleed attack.

Boss 13: Maretti, Death's Servant (Ghost)Edit

Lots of Magic Attacks.  Electric bolts and Damnation. Uses 1000% damage buff after some number of turns.

Attack Sequence
Magic attack to front row target
Magic attack to whole party Heavy hit; debuffs attack
Magic attack to front row target
Magic attack to front row target

1000% damage buff comes some time after 3rd debuffing attack.

Boss 14: Saende, Dragon Zombie (Dragon)Edit

Same as the final boss of Tarraton's Lair.  Does a frontal physical attack that resembles ultimate slasher, and an AOE flame breath that applies a bleed and a PDEF debuff to all players. 

Attack Sequence
Physical attack to front row target
AOE flame breath bleed and PDEF debuff
Physical attack to front row target
Physical attack to front row target
Physical attack to front row target

Gets a 1000% attack buff some time after 3rd aoe.

Boss 15: Alisa, Succubus Queen (Vampiric Mage)Edit

A female boss with white hair and dragon wings like the final boss of LL. She has 3 attacks. A large frontal PATK attack, a MATK Dark Pulse that hits 1-4 people at random, and a MATK  AOE meteor attack.  At the end of her first bar, she stuns the party as in LL, switches to AOE-only as in LL, and the AOE gives the same buff as in LL.

Gets a 1000% attack buff if not killed quickly enough.

Boss 16: Dinah, The Kindhearted (High Priestess)Edit

A female boss that does magical attacks.

Boss 17: Sardon, Shadowsord (Paladin)Edit

A male boss that does physical damage, same as the Paladin troop.

Boss 18: Peter, Chief Commander (White Knight)Edit

A horseback warrior that does physical damage, same as the Knight troop.

Boss 19: Elise, The Illusionist (Female Foot-Knight)Edit

A female warrior that does mostly physical damage.

Boss 20: Wald, The Herald (Angel of Retribution)Edit

A boss with white wings and white clothing that does magical damage and heals itself, same as Azrael and the Angel troop.

Boss 21: <unknown> (Queen of the Amazons)Edit

A female boss who rides a red tyrannosaurus, does magical damage mostly. Looks like the sylph Amazon Queen.

Boss 22: <unknown> (Goddess of Sea)Edit

A female boss that does magical water damage, like the sylph Iris.

Boss 23: <unknown> (Fairy)Edit

A fairy boss that does magical damage, including lots of AoE. Is like the gaia sylph

Boss 24: <unknown> (Satyr)Edit

A male boss that does physical wind damage, same as the sylph Pan. After this a Victory quote appears on the screen and players are teleported out of the room, just like Tower of Kings.

The Damage Debuff (Boss 3-5)Edit

Bosses Muloch, Garrol, and Lorne all cast a permanent damage debuff on the party when they 50% on their final health bar. Each boss can cast it once and it can stack for all 3 bosses. This debuff increases all damage taken by 40% per stack (a total 120% damage increase if stacked three times, lasts 999 turns (forever), and cannot be removed. Upon dying, the icon for the debuff does disappear but damage taken did not decrease after resurrecting. This leads most to believe that dying does NOT remove the debuff.

There is a way to avoid this debuff however, which parties have been using to get further into the Spire. It is assumed that avoiding the debuff is going to be the strategy to actually getting further into the Spire since the debuff really starts adding up the damage later on.

This is how one party dealt with preventing the damage debuff:

Boss 3, Muloch: The boss casts his debuff once he reaches 50% health on his final health bar. After AoEing the adds, bring him down to about 1.5 bars. Stop using any skills except for healing skills. Your auto attacks should still bring him down quite quickly. When the boss reaches his final bar, let him do one more attack. After this everyone does one more auto attack. Finally, the knight uses the +damage buff and does his ultimate while the rest of the party uses their strongest ability. This easily knocks over the boss before he gets a chance to cast the debuff.

Boss 4, Garrol: The same as boss three. However, this boss casts his debuff once he reaches his last bar. We stop skill use at 1.5 bars again, let the boss attack, and do one more round of auto-attacks. The knight and the archer then used the +damage buff and our ultimates to knock over the boss.

Boss 5 Lorne: Doable at our Battle Rating (~45K BR) using the following tactic:
Don’t use ANY skills except for healing skills This is to extend the fight as much as possible to wait for cooldowns. Once again when he comes near 1 bar, you will need to use the +damage buff and ultimates. But this time let, all three DPSers attack.

As you become stronger you might find you won’t need the Vulcan Wrath buff anymore to do this strategy. If you are at that point, I do suggest saving the buff for later bosses.

If you’ve done everything properly you should be able to pass those bosses without getting any debuffs. So far, we’ve only tested it on boss 3 and 4. Please bear in mind that this strategy worked for our group and might not work for yours. The key word for this strategy is communication. Make sure everyone knows when to do their damage buffs and abilities so the boss doesn't accidentally get knocked past the critical point. Keep talking in party chat and you should be able to avoid the debuffs.

The Slow Debuff (Boss 7)Edit

Slows you by 25% and you’re actually affected by it even using skills.

The Reflect Debuff (Boss 9)Edit

Boss 9, Andela, casts a 50% reflect buff but this can be removed. 

The Movement Buff (Boss 21-24)Edit

From Boss 21 to Boss 24, any skills that have a casting speed buff (Deep Freeze, Thunderer, Thunder Stike and Mire Rune) can be used on the bosses.

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