The Rescue is the third quest of the game and the third quest of the main quest series, available as soon as Enna Pass Search is finished.


Players are told to continue following the path, eventually triggering a dialogue and meeting Dinah.

The objective of the quest is to free her from a Gold Mountain Bear by fending of a group of 2 Lvl. 1 Grey Mountain Bears and 1 Lvl. 3 Gold Mountain Bear.


You hear the screams of a girl being attacked. Save her!


As soon as the hero has reached a certain distance to the bear, the following dialogue is triggered:

Dinah: Help me!
Gold Mountain Bear: Helpless girl, there is no where to run!
Dinah: Please, someone save me!
Hero: Hey, you! Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

A cutscene starts and the hero walks up to Dinah and the bear.

Gold Mountain Bear: Oh, good. My dessert has arrived!
Dinah: This beast has been infected by the forces of evil! Look out!

After the fight has been completed, the dialogue continues:

Dinah: Thank you for saving me. May divine blessings be bestowed upon you! Your hand seems to have been injured. Allow me to heal you, kind hero.
Hero: It's not that bad, but thanks anyway.

Dinah walks up to the hero and heals him or her.

Dinah: My pleasure. It is but a small thing for the person who saved my life.
Hero: Don't worry. It was nothing.
Dinah: It was more than 'nothing' to me. I think the gods have brought us together this day for a reason.
Hero: Funny time for the gods to start showing an interest in me.
Dinah: They may be more active in your life than you know.
Hero: So, what is an unarmed girl like you doing in a dangerous place like this?
Dinah: My name is Dinah, a High Priestess of the Goddess Saliora. The evil Taurens attacked and took control of my temple. I was able to escape and have been looking for help for days.
Hero: Taurens are attacking temples? Perhaps they were the cause of the ruins I found ealier (sic!). Come on. I'll escort your (sic!) back to your temple.
Dinah: Oh, thank you! My temple is in a village not far from here. Please follow me.
We can get there quicker using the Mystic's Gate just ahead.
Hero: Great! Let's go!


Once completed, players are rewarded with 5.000 EXP

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The Rescue
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