Temple of Ibalize (Outer) is a quest, available as soon as The Perene Bones is finished.


Passing the dungeon Temple of Ibalize (Outer) and defeating the dungeon boss Sheena completes the quest.


Click on [Campaign] -> Select [Temple of Ibalize (Outer)] -> Gain passage 
through the dungeon.
Defeat the sorceress Sheena so you can access the interior of the Temple of


Dinah: Just ahead we will find the Temple of Ibalize. A bright light recently showered this long abandoned place. I believe the light may be trying to tell us something.
Hero: Temple of Ibalize? Is this where the great battle between Ibalize and Aklorn was fought?
Dinah: Indeed, it is. You do know your history.
Hero: Everyone should know the story of Aklorn, the last great hero and warrior. Every child should strive to grow up as strong and brave as the mighty Aklorn.
Dinah: Did you have such desires as a child?
Hero: *shrugs* I...I suppose. But, what is that on the wind? I feel very....something feels very...unnatual (sic!) here.
Dinah: There have been rumors of undead beings gathering here. That is neither life or death you smell, but something much worse.
Hero: Undead beings? What do you mean?
Dinah: There are many races of Undead. Humans, beasts, various races cursed by Ibalize as he fell. They appear to be assembling together for some reason. But a light, perhaps from the Goddess Saliora herself, is shining here. We must (rest is unreadable)


Once completed, players are rewarded with 18.000 EXP and 1.000 Gold.

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Temple of Ibalize (Outer) (Quest)
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