Temple of Ibalize (Inner) is a quest, available as soon as Barracks Lvl. 7 is finished.


Passing the dungeon Temple of Ibalize (Inner) and defeating the dungeon boss Bantashee completes the quest.


When entering the dungeon for the first time:

Dinah: Look! The divine light is coming from the temple just ahead! But it looks like someone has left some dangerous traps in our way. We must break through to gain access to the inner temple.
Hero: You're right! Be careful where you step. I see some strange statues ahead. We should be a closer look.

When reaching the boss for the first time:

Ibalize: You have violated this sacred space! Leave here at once or suffer a painful death from the God of Destruction himself!
Dinah: Do not fear, my brave warrior. This is only the spirit of Ibalize who has remained here to protect and defend the place where he once fell to Aklorn.
Ibalize: *lets out a terrifying shriek* Do not utter that name in my presence! Prepare to fall to your knees!
Hero: We must find our way to the light! Out of my way, vile spectre!


Once completed, players are rewarded with 20.000 EXP, 1.000 Gold and 1 Extreme Stamina Potion.

Questline Overview
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Barracks Lvl. 7
Temple of Ibalize (Inner) (Quest)
Defeat Undead

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