Temple of Ibalize (Inner) is the fourth Dungeon in the Autaric Plains and the fourth dungeon alltogether, unlocked at Lvl. 13 and recommended for Lvl. 13-15. 

The recommended troop level is 11.


The Temple of Inbalize (Inner) consists of only 1 area.

Alongside the path through area 1 two Divine Statues can be found. They must be activated in order to be able to break through the barrier that separates the end of area 1 from the entrance. Pandora's Box is located right behind the barrier.

The dungeon boss can be found right after the barrier too, although in this dungeon it does not look like a monster but like a tower.


The first area contains the following groups of enemies:

  • 2 groups consisting of 2 Lvl. 14 Undead Crusaders and 1 Lvl. 15 Undead Gladiator each
  • 1 group consisting of 1 Lvl. 14 Demonic Mage (Elite level)
    • Only present during the first dungeon run
  • Divine Statues (2 separate fights)
  • Dungeon Boss: Another Divine Statue, although bigger than the first ones, must be activated in order to start the boss battle. The boss itself is not visible on the map.
    • The fight then is against Bantashee ("Night Master", Lvl. 13)
    • He can summon 1 Lvl. 11 Undead Warrior at a time for help



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