Temple of Fire is the second quest regarding a dungeon in The Demon Void and available as soon as the quest Bloodnite Canyon has been completed. It is doable as soon as the player has reached level 62.


Passing the dungeon Temple of Fire and defeating the dungeon boss Nemrut, the Firelord completes the quest.


Click on [Campaign] -> Select the [Temple of Fire] -> Gain passage through the 
dungeon once.


When entering the dungeon:

Dinah: So hot...what is this place ahead?
Hero: Elise, keep an eye on Dinah. This heat is so stifling that my lungs are burning.
Elise: Nemrut is the god of smoke and fire and was once an ally of Yaros. Perhaps we are getting closer to his territory.
Hero: Be sure to drink enough water. Things are about to get hot!

When reaching the dungeon boss for the first time:

Nemrut the Firelord: What? Humans who have the strength to enter my white-hot realm? Well, this will be a treat.
Dinah: Nemrut is the Firelord made of burning stone.
Hero: He is so hot even the stones melt? I hope my weapon can stand up to him.
Nemrut the Firelord: Hahaha! It won't! There is nothing on this planet more torrid than me! Come, at least melting is a fast way to go!


Once completed, players are rewarded with 320000 EXP and 40000 Gold.

Questline Overview
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Bloodnite Canyon
Temple of Fire (Quest)
Defeat Void Ghost
Hall of Judgment

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