The Sylph Expedition is a daily event that can be entered by a team of your Sylphs, between 08:00 and 24:00.

Team Composition Edit

You have the option of setting 3 Sylphs as active Sylphs, with an additional 3 in reserve, which can be substituted.

Additionally, you can select an online friend's sylph as an extra, the friend receives a small amount of gold for letting you use their sylph

Enemies Edit

Enemies get progressively tougher as you progress, these will be repeated every day, with identical abilities, every few levels you will encounter a "Bonus Dungeons" that can only be cleared once.

Notable enemies are the boss on Level 15, which is invulnerable to magic, and the boss on 20 which is invulnerable to physical attacks.

Rewards Edit

You receive a reward for first clearing a level, and for each daily clearance. The "Bonus Dungeons" give rewards for refining basic Light and Dark Sylphs.

There is a daily reward consisting of Divinity Soul Treasure Chest Shards, depending on where you place in the Expedition rankings.

Individual dungeon rewards consist of Expedition Shards, Sylph Equipment Shards, Mahra, Sylph EXP scrolls, Golden Holy Water, sylph Equipment enchanting materials. Bosses will give Blessings of God to upgrade Sylph equipment on the first clearance, and higher level bosses may drop Divinity Soul Treasure Chests on a daily basis.

Expedition Skills Edit

Skill Name Level Received Max Level Skill Effect Effect of Improving Skill
Treatment 2 10 Heals one Sylph Increases healing by 2%/lvl
Warding 4 10 Improves Front Row PDEF/MDEF 3%+3000/lvl to defense, increases duration
Enhanced Attack 6 10 Improves all MATTK/PATTK +2%+3000/lvl to attack, increases duration
Spirit Chain 8 10 Shares and reduces damage Increases reduction by 2%/lvl
Defending 10 10 Heals entire team Increases healing by 2%/lvl
Dispel 12 10 Removes buff, and increases damage received Increases damage received by 2%/lvl
Constraint 14 10 Prevents skill use Reduces Cooldown
Stun 16 10 Stuns Reduces Cooldown
Divine Guardian 18 10 Removes debuff on team, and makes invulnerable for short time Reduces Cooldown
Reset Skill CD 20 Resets skill CD

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