The sylph arena is a single player 3 vs 3 sylph battle. Opens up at level 55.

Before a match, the player may choose the initial position, 3 skills (and their order of use) of up to 3 sylphs. The fight itself is done entirely automatically.

The first 10 daily matches are free, additional matches may be bought for 50,000 gold each.

ranking Edit

  • The ranking is weekly and is reset every monday morning.
  • The ranking is layer-based.
    • Every players start the week with 1000 points.
    • Each win in the sylph arena gives the player +5 points.
    • Each loss (be it by the player attacking, or someone else attacking the player) gives the player -5 points.

prizes Edit

(to complete)

Daily prizeEdit

The attempt count is reset every day around midnight and the player receives a daily prize depending on their ranking.

  •     1st -   20th  : Sylph EXP scroll x15, sepulcrum x5 
  •   21th -   50th  : Sylph EXP scroll x10, sepulcrum x4
  •   51th - 200th  : Sylph EXP scroll x5,   sepulcrum x3
  • 201th +           : Sylph EXP scroll x3,   sepulcrum x2

1 Sylph EXP scroll = 100.000 Sylph EXP

Weekly prizeEdit

Every monday, the player receives a weekly prize depending on their ranking.

  • 1st  : all attributes +50, 100 sepulcrum
  • 2nd : all attributes +40, 100 sepulcrum
  • 3rd  : all attributes +30, 100 sepulcrum
  • 4th    - 10th   : 50 sepulcrum
  • 11th  - 20th   : 40 sepulcrum
  • 21th  - 100th : 30 sepulcrum
  • 100th+          : 20 sepulcrum

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