The sylph arena is a single player 3 vs 3 sylph battle. Opens up at level 55.

Before a match, the player may choose the initial position, 3 skills (and their order of use) of up to 3 sylphs. The fight itself is done entirely automatically.

Only 10 daily matches are possible.

Weekly Rewards Edit

  • The ranking is weekly and is reset every monday morning at 00:00.
  • The Weekly rewards are based on the Tier as well as the ranking within that Tier. The Challenger TIers are:
    • Bronze: < 250 points
    • Silver: 250-499 points
    • Gold: 500-999 points
    • Platinum: 1000+

prizes Edit

(to complete)

Weekly prizeEdit

Every monday morning, before the rankings are reset, each player receives a weekly prize depending on their ranking