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Summoner Cards are the cards that are used in Card System to provide players with different boosts in stats for different events. There are 5 types of Cards for each and each are of 5 rarity, white, green, blue, puple and orange.

Summoner Cards
Rarity MP Dungeon The Spire Catacombs MP Arena Battleground
White Tauren Godslayer Undead Warrior Fallen Paladin
Karfa Orcus Razor Dis Claudius Rilkar
HP Boost HP Boost HP Boost HP Boost Hp Boost
Green Tauren Demonic Spear Undead Shining Paladin Dark Priestess
Karlan Muatra Velus Lucia Teska
DEF Boost DEF Boost DEF Boost DEF Boost DEF Boost
Blue Tauren Protector Undead White Knight Dark Knight
Karda Soulshield Orin One-Eye Troy Damian
ATK Boost ATK Boost ATK Boost ATK Boost ATK Boost
Purple Tauren Elder Mythic Armor Undead King  Shining Angel Fallen
Karnatog Wargod Jarlor Sauriel Pandemonium
All Stats Boost All Stats Boost All Stats Boost All Stats Boost/+Insignia per level All Stats Boost
Orange ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?

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