Stupid Cows is the fifth quest of the game and the fifth quest of the main quest series, available as soon as No More Bears is finished.

Dinah follows the player around and joins in battles, providing healing magic.


To achieve the quest a Lvl. 5 Tauren Gladiator needs to be beaten.


Taurens are ravaging the city. Break through their guard to reach the city.


When the tauren is reached, the following dialogue occurs between the tauren, Dinah and the hero:

Tauren Gladiator: High Priestess Dinah, you have arrived at just the right time!
Dinah: You must stop hurting those innocent villagers! Cease this senseless killing and I will entreat the gods to forgive you.
Tauren Gladiator: Mwahahaha! Who needs your silly gods? They are nothing compared to the great Karnatog! We will soon regain our place in this miserable world!
Hero: Get out of my way, you witless beast! The days of the Tauren are long over!


Once completed, players are rewarded with 500 Gold.

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No More Bears
Stupid Cows
Reclaiming the City

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