Starter Packs are special chests new players are awarded until they reach a certain level. The first starter pack is awarded after the quest No More Bears has been completed.

The first pack can be opened as soon as the player reaches level 5, each pack contains besides other useful items a new pack that can be opened 5 levels later (at 10, 15, 20 and so on).

Pack ContentsEdit

Starter Pack Content
Lvl 5 Starter Pack
Level 5
Lvl 10 Starter Pack
Level 10
  • 10,000 Gold
  • 2,000 Daru
  • Class specific Armor
  • A VIP Trial Card, which you may not want to use yet. The game tries to force you to use it right after opening the pack, but you can avoid this by refreshing the page.
  • Level 15 Starter Pack
Lvl 15 Starter Pack
Level 15
Lvl 20 Starter Pack
Level 20
Lvl 25 Starter Pack
Level 25
Lvl 30 Starter Pack
Level 30
(to be added)
Lvl 35 Starter Pack
Level 35
Lvl 40 Starter Pack
Level 40

This is the last available starter pack.

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