Soulless Tomb is the fourth quest regarding a dungeon in The Demon Void and available as soon as the quest Hall of Judgment has been completed. It is doable as soon as the player has reached level 64.


Passing the dungeon Soulless Tomb and defeating the dungeon boss Githlander, the Void Lord completes the quest.


Click on [Campaign] -> Select [Soulless Tomb] -> Gain passage through 
the dungeon once.


When entering the dungeon:

Elise: Oh, no! Dinah has passed out!
Hero: She is breathing...but her eyes look empty and depleted.
Elise: Legends say that Githlander, one of the many Void Lords, has the ability to steal a person's soul!
Hero: Look, a cemetery lies ahead. That must be his territory. Let's find him and save Dinah!

When reaching the dungeon boss for the first time:

Hero: Githlander! Return Dinah's soul back to us!
Githlander, the Void Lord: Muahahahah! Stupid human, take one more step and your soul will also belong to me! Please, come closer.
Hero: I will first destroy your body, then your soul. Then I will restore Dinah and banish your very existence!


Once completed, players are rewarded with 350000 EXP and 45000 Gold.

Questline Overview
Previous Quest(s)
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Hall of Judgment
Soulless Tomb (Quest)
Defeat Demonic Lance
Palace of Corruption

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