Silver liberty chest2


During the June event, you can get this chest by completing special event daily quests.
  • Online 1 hours reward (1 chest & 3 skeleton keys)
  • Guild Blessing (Use Guild Blessing 6 times, Reward: 1 chest & 20.000 EXP)
  • Tank Trials Takeover (Enter the Tank Trials, Reward: 1 chest)
  • Midsummer Gold Alchemy (Use Gold Alchemy 3 times, Reward: 2 chests & 80.000 EXP)

Contest of the chestEdit

Silver liberty chest


By opening the chest you get 1 Silver Liberty Medal and 1 of the following
  • 30K Gold
  • 15K Daru
  • 3 Small Bullhorn
  • 2 Silver Liberty Medals
  • 1 Lvl. 3 Gem Pack

Rewards for Silver Liberty MedalsEdit

Reward Silver Liberty Medals
10K Gold 1
10K Daru 1
1 Lvl. 1-3 Gem Pack 2
1 Gold Liberty Chest 3
7 Gold Liberty Chest 10
25 Gold Liberty Chest 30

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