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Shadow Soul
Shadow Soul is a shard used to synthesize so far only one mount card at the blacksmith. These shards are found in the Tower of Kings and come from a King Chests which is your reward. Shadow Souls are awarded according to the difficulty mode selected: 10 for Easy mode, 12 for Normal mode, 14 for Hard mode, and 16 for Nightmare mode. This item can be sold for 1 Gold.

Obtainable MountsEdit

Netherwing Dragon

Netherwing DragonEdit

  • Requirements
    • 800 Shadow Soul
    • 100,000 Gold
  • Mount Ability
    • Strength +30
    • Intellect +30
    • Endurance +30
    • Armour +30
    • Max Attribute level +10
    • Mount Speed +30%
    • Mount Strength +300

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