A list of Game companies, and their Wartune servers.  Note: Many servers have been merged, making the number of servers online greater than they appear.

English version servers

There are multiple game companies hosting the english version of the Wartune servers.

Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Polish servers

It's called Legend Online. Its content is closer to the Chinese version of the game

  • OasGames:
    • 211 Portughese servers
    • 33 Spanish servers
    • 231 Turkish servers
    • 15 Polish servers

Chinese servers

The game Wartune is called 神曲 in Chinese, which literally translates to The Divine Song, The Divine Melody, or The Divine Comedy.

Southeast Asian and Indonesian servers

Many Indonesian and Malaysian players are found on a version called DivoSaga, available through primarily Prior to March 2013, users of Friendster connected to servers, but since that time Friendster users have had their own version of the game called DivoSaga FX that is firewalled from other servers for cross-server purposes.

Italian servers

Wartune is called "Demon Slayer"

German servers

Wartune is called "Demon Slayer"