Also called by players the Suicide Mage, you have to kill before to being killed by yourself!


The Scourge Mage can be obtained from The God Timo NPC in Cloud city as long as the player has five Eudaemon Mark Shards in his/her inventory. You can also obtain it exchanging event boxes from time to time in the hot event tab. All the eudaemons come without any known skills and will only use a basic attack when in battle. A player may learn skills by using an Active Eudaemon Skill Scroll. These are obtained from a Eudaemon skill chest. These can be gotten from the Eudaemon arena and for opening event boxes.

Battle Rating and ResistancesEdit

The Scourge Mage, like all Eudaemons, gains it's stats based on the player's BR. The % of each stat will increase with the lvl of the Eudaemon using Blood of Zeus. Scourge Mage have good stats but you will see how the HP decreases rapidly in battles. The stats can also be increased in the War Emblem tab using Eudaemon warpath crystals, the RES reduction with Eudaemon RES Reduction essence and the Eudaemon Resistance. The Eudaemon can also be equipped with a sylph to further boost the Eudaemon's stats. However, the Eudaemon will not be able to awaken the sylph, though it instead stacks all the stats of the sylph onto itself. When putting a sylph onto the Scourge Mage, you should put a MATK based sylph, so you take benefit from the increase of MATK.


Active skillsEdit


Description Lvl.1 2 3 4 5 CD(secs)
Solar Arrow Deals MATK to a random enemy 145% 155% 165% ? ? 5
Thunder Bomb Deals MATK to 1-2 random enemies 110% 120% 130% ? ? 10
Sacrifice Deal MATK to a random enemy while character loses HP equal to 15% of Max HP 215% 230% 250% ? ? 30
Penance Increases Crit rate by a % for 1 friendly unit, last 2 turns, Meanwhile character loses 15% of max HP 15% 20% 25% ? ? 30
Praying Recovers HP equal to a % of Mac HP but increases the damage received by a %, last 2 turns 10%HP






? ? 45
Dementia Increases damage dealt by a % and damage upper limit by a %, last 2 turns 10%DMG






? ? 45
Delphic Punishment Deals MATK to the enemy with the lowest HP percentage, with a 30% change to increase Crit rate 215% 230% 250% ? ? 30
Delphic Mauler Deals MATK to 2 random enemies, with a 20% chance to icnrease Crit rate 215% 230% 250% ? ? 30

Passive SkillsEdit


Description Lvl.1 2 3 4 5
Blessed Heath Has a % chance to incrase Crit rate by 5% for 1 random friendly unit in each turn, last 3 turns. Effect stacks to 3 layers 10% 20% 30% ? ?
Inspiration Increases Crit rate by a % 3% 6% 9% ? ?

Pretty useless Eudaemon

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