The Roaming Summoner is a wandering lady found in the multiplayer dungeons. For a certain number of skeleton keys, she will summon a Soul of Barno, which is a clone of the player party (formation, equipment, skills, astrals, etc.). As long as the player has skeleton keys, the Roaming Summoner will continue to summon a Soul of Barno for you to a maximum of fifty times per run.  Upon defeating the Soul of Barno, the player is rewarded with a treasure chest with Crystaloids. In the Nightmare modes of level 40 or higher dungeons, a victory will also grant the player legendary stones. If you are defeated, you receive nothing.  The cost of summoning increases in higher level dungeons.


The Roaming Summoner can be found in the following places in the multiplayer dungeons:

Dungeon Name Skeleton Keys needed to summon
Nether Forest Roaming Summoner not found here
Claristun 1 Skeleton Keys
The Graveyard 2 Skeleton Keys
The Bloodlands 3 Skeleton Keys
The Void 4 Skeleton Keys
The Badlands Roaming Summoner not found here
Garden of Death 5 Skeleton Keys
Tarraton's Lair Roaming Summoner not found here
Moonevil Den Roaming Summoner not found here
Demon Temple 6 Skeleton Keys
Samsara Roaming Summoner not found here
Lych's Lair Roaming Summoner not found here

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