Resource Harvesting is the seventh quest of the game and the seventh quest of the main quest series, available as soon as Reclaiming the City is finished.


To achieve the quest, the Resource Quarry needs to be entered. This is done automatically as soon as the player selects the quest. Inside the quarry 10 Lumber need to be collected.

As soon as the quest is finished, the wood is removed from the inventory again, so it does not use up any space.


Click on the [Harvest] button -> Enter the Resource Quarry to harvest [Wood] 
Building supplies are needed to increase the size and strength of your city. 
Go collect piles of wood.


Dinah: More building projects require more resources. We must find an area abundant in natural resources from which to gather wood, copper, and other supplies. 

Hero: The Wilds around the city is nothing but unclaimed forests and plains. We can surely find what we need there.


Once completed, players are rewarded with 4.000 EXP.

Questline Overview
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Reclaiming the City
Resource Harvesting
Claim Gold Mines

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