Resistance Crystals are socketed into the Battle Protection Shield Slots. There are 6 Elemental Crystals, and the Will Crystals. You can synthesise 100 Will Crystal Shards (Obtainable from the Dimensional War, and from Heaven Horns) to get a lvl. 1 Will Crystal, and 100 Crystal Shards (Also obtainable from the Dimensional War and from Lost Treasure Maps). The ratio of lower-level crystals to the level above them is 3:1. (e.g. it takes 3 lvl 1 crystals to get a lvl. 2 crystal.)

Note that the Elemental Crystals can be converted, whilst the Will Crystals can't.

Requirements to unlock/use this feature:

  • At least Level 55
  • An UNLOCKED Sylph System (Complete the level 50 Sylph main questline first.)
  • Some Elemental/Will Crystals (to socket with).
  • An open shield

At level 55, the first shield is unlocked (the Wood Shield), and at level 60, another shield is unlocked (the Iron Shield). Each shield has 3 slots. You can unlock the other 4 shields when you complete certain quests.

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