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Refinement Crystals are used for Refining player equipment, that is re-rolling the bonus stats assigned to any player-worn equipement (except white). They are are obtained from Recycling but can also be bought for (bound) balens or obtained as a duel reward.

Name Icon Range of Refining Cost in Shop (Balens)
Lvl 1 Refinement Crystal
Lvl 1 Refinement Crystal
1-29 Equipments 5
Lvl 2 Refinement Crystal
Lvl 2 Refinement Crystal
30-59 Equipments 10
Lvl 3 Refinement Crystal
Lvl 3 Refinement Crystal
60-79 Equipments 15
Lvl 4 Refinement Crystal
Lvl 4 Refinement Crystal
80 Equipments1 20

Each kind of equip needs a different amount of these crystals to be refined according to their quality, and players can use Refinement Locks to protect some of the stats obtained to prevent losing them.

The refinement crystals can not be used to refine Sylph, Eudaemon and Mythic (red) equipements.

1 The game states those crystals are used for 80-89 Equipments, however the max level of player and hence the equipment level is 80, including Class Advancement and Mythic rarity equipment with Holy Cast and there is no sign of addition of higher levels in any game server.

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