Holy Enshieldment, Holy Force, & Holy Willpower in Exchange page.

Red Astrals 01

Energine, Holy Sniper's Edge, & Holy Charm in Exchange page.

Only stat increasing astrals are in red, meaning that astrals like Determination and Will Destroyer DO NOT come in red.

Holy Force - PATK +288/level

Holy Mysticality, Holy Fortitude, & Holdy Brilliance in Exchange page. (Edited to show Holy Brilliance where Pristine Force usually is)

Holy Mysticality - MATK +288/level

Holy Fortitude - PDEF +288/level

Holy Willpower - MDEF +288/level

Holy Sniper's Edge - Critical +288/level

Holy Enshieldment - Block +288/level

Holy Brilliance - HP +750/level Holy Charm - Charisma (Troop Count) +48/Level

Sacred Gemini - PATK +216 and Penetration +216/Level

Sacred Pisces - MATK +216 and Penetration +216/Level


Energine has been around longer than all the other red astrals and gives 500 astral experience for 1,000 astral points.

Red AstralsEdit

Red Astrals came out in Patch 1.5

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