Several quests exist that demand that the player recruits a given amount of the specified troop type.

The first quest of that type is unlocked as soon as Upgrade Soldiers and Plunder a City have been completed.

Recruit HuntersEdit

The first quest demands the player to recruit 100 Hunters. The troops remain after the quest has been completed.


Head back to the [City] -> Click on the [Barracks] -> Recruit 100 [Hunters] - 
Lvl. 4 Barracks is required.
A number of troops are seeking to fight by your side. Return to your City to 
greet these soldiers.


6000 EXP

Questline Overview
Previous Quest(s)
Current Quest(s)
Next Quest(s)
Upgrade Soldiers
Plunder a City
Recruit Hunters
Baylon Plains

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