Reclaiming the City is the sixth quest of the game and the sixth quest of the main quest series, available as soon as Stupid Cows is finished.


To achieve the quest two Lvl. 9 Tauren Gladiators and one Lvl. 5 Tauren Axeman need to be beaten. The battle starts automatically after a short dialogue as soon as the final portal after the last battle has been passed.

Afterwards the city is entered. The purpose of this quest is to introduce players to cities and the main buildings.


Battle the Tauren warriors to help the locals reclaim their city.


When the city is reached, the following dialogue occurs between city soldiers, Dinah and the hero:

Weakened Soldier: Dinah! We have been looking everywhere for you. Where have you been?
Dinah: By the grade of Saliora, this brave warrior rescued me and has come to help us fight the Taurens!
Hero: Hey, I just said I'd escort you back to the city. I didn't commit...
Soldier: Are you here to talk or fight? Get up to the wall and help hold the line!

After the battle has been won, the city is entered and Dinah starts explaining everything.

Dinah: Thanks to your help, we have driven the Taurens back!
Honorable Warrior, how shall I address you?

(The name of the player figure can be entered now.)

Dinah: (Your name), you say? What an honorable name!
The Taurens have been pushed back for now. But there are still evil forces infecting the land. All of the Yaloran Empire is under thread. Please, will you stay and help us? We hope you will remain here as our leader, my liege.
Hero: I hardly know what is happening here. I have only just arrived.
Dinah: You have strength and heart that has been worn down in many of our people after years of fingthing. You can help build us up, protect us, and lead us to victory against the growing darkness in the world. Will you stay and help us?
Hero: Well, I have been trying to find my place in the world. Could this be it? Very well. I will do my best to live up to the task.
Dinah: Praises to Saliora! Allow me to give you a tour of the village.

After the Town Hall has been explained:

Hero: So the Town Hall is the center of all activity in the city.
Dinah: Indeed! Also, you must increase your city's fighting capacity. Let's visit the Barracks to recruit soldiers to build your army.

After the Barracks have been explained, the next quest starts.


Once completed, players are rewarded with 3.000 EXP.

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