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Item DetailsEdit

Pristine Goddess blessing is an blue astral that reduces all damage by a certain value. Mostly useful at low levels.

Astral level Damage reduction
1 10


3 30
4 40
5 50
6 60
7 70


9 90
10 100

Where to FindEdit

The following is a list of places this item can be obtained.


  • Breaks the naming conventions set by other astrals which describe Pristine as being the highest level.
  • Breaks from Goddess Blessing and Refined Goddess Blessing by providing a flat damage reduction rather than a percentage. Its ability is actually a lesser version of the Aegis cycle of astrals.
  • While named within the Goddess Blessing cycle of astrals, it has the animation of a blue Brilliance cycle astral.
  • Due to being a blue astral, having the Aegis cycle ability, and having a prefix too early for where it would otherwise fall in its named cycle; it is believed this astral was misnamed and should have been called "Aegis Minor".

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