Once Paladins become available, you will probably want to stop recruiting Lancers.  With a larger hit point total, and a good physical defense, Paladins make an excellent front line Troop for Mages and Archers.  The Paladin's low magical defense puts them at a disadvantage against magic using enemies.  But the the Paladin's strong physical attacks are a great counter as most magic using enemies have a low physical defense.

Description: An elite type of soldier that has exceptional attack and physical defense attributes

Unlocks at: Level 20

Recruitment Cost: 3

Upgrade Cost Multiplier: 5

Stat Value at level 1 Levels 2-20 Levels 21-30 Levels 31-?
HP 495 +15/level +15/level +15/level
PATK 128 +41/level +41/level +41/level
PDEF 128 +30/level +50/level +65/level
MDEF 60 +14/level +24/level +30/level

Super Skill

Paladin atk
40% chance to deal 135% PATK damage to one random front row enemy; Chance of an addition 1-turn speed reduction of 50%

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