Orc Plains is a quest, available as soon as Copper Shortage is finished.

Additionally this is the first occasion where the player meets Elise.


Passing Orc Plains by defeating Toros at the end of the dungeon completes the quest.


Click on [Campaign] -> Select the [Orc Plains] -> Gain passage through the
The expansion and attacks by the Taurens are beginning to get out of hand. It is
time for you to fight back!


When entering the dungeon for the first time:

Hero:Well, we didn't find any answers about the growing evil in the world, but we sure did find a lot of treasure!
Dinah: Spending the treasure on weapons and training will help you to grow stronger. Never fear, we will find out what is plaguing this land.
Hero: I do feel myself growing stronger...Whoa, where are we? This place also looks to be savaged by wild beasts.
Dinah: The Tauren elder Kronos is the lord of this territory. He has been leading attacks for the Taurens from the Tribal Plateau.
Hero: How do we get there?
Dinah: The Orc Plains is just ahead. We must first pass through there before making our way to the Tribal Plateau.
Hero: Should we come across him, I will end his reign.
Dinah: *whispers to herself* Thank the gods you may realize your destiny soon...

When meeting Elise for the first time:

Dinah: Brave one, I ran across an Imperial guard who was hurt in battle. I brought her here to see you.
Elise: My name is Elise and I am a temple warrior of the Yaloran Empire. Not long ago i fell into an enemy trap and was injured.
Hero: You have been very seriously injured, come with us. Dinah, can you heal her?
Elise: No, I am fine. I am sure I will heal quickly. But, please, may I accompany you to fight against Kronos and his minions who are ravaging this once peaceful place?
Dinah: The further we travel, the more difficult our enemies are becoming. We could certainly use a real warrior like you on our side.


Once completed, players are rewarded with 12000 EXP and 1 Lvl. 1 HP Gem.

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