Orc Plains is the fifth Dungeon in the Autaric Plains and the fifth dungeon alltogether, unlocked at Lvl. 15 and recommended for Lvl. 15-17. 

The recommended troop level is 13.

Elise (Lvl. 15) joins the player during the first run through the dungeon (but only for area 3). This is the first time she appears in the story line.


The Orc Plains consist of 3 areas.

A short way after the entrance to the dungeon the path splits, whereby only the right path leads further into the dungeon, the left one contains an enemy and some loot. Following the right path through the area, an explorable Hunter's Treasure Cache is found in the upper right corner. Exploring it gives Daru or leads to a fight.

The path through the second area is pretty straightforward again, with only small branches to the left or right. At the end of the first branch after the entrance Pandora's Box is located. On the left side of the path an explorable Tauren Tomb is located.

During the first dungeon run (and only during the first dungeon run) the player meets Elise (Lvl. 15) after the first fight in area 3.


The first area contains the following groups of enemies:

  • 2 groups consisting of 1 Lvl. 16 Tauren Gladiator and 2 Lvl. 15 Eremites each
  • If exploring the Hunter's Treasure Cache leads to a sentinel

The second area contains the following groups of enemies:

The third area contains the following groups of enemies:



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