No More Bears is the fourth quest of the game and the fourth quest of the main quest series, available as soon as The Rescue is finished.

Dinah follows the player around and joins in battles, providing healing magic.


Players are told to continue following the path to the next area. Once through the teleporter a weapon is found lying on the ground and the player is told to pick it up. Dinah follows the player and compliments him on his achievement.

The main objective of the quest besides introducing the player to the inventory is to clear the pass from all roaming enemies, consisting of two groups of 2 Lvl. 3 Gold Mountain Bears.


Dinah needs to return to her temple. Clear out any pesky bears that you meet 
along the way.


When the weapon is picked up from the ground, Dinah compliments the player:

Dinah: It will be far more useful in your hands than lying here on the road. Let's keep moving.


Once completed, players are rewarded with 5.000 EXP. Additionally a Lvl. 5 Starter Pack and a class specific armor are rewarded (Explorer Cloak for Knights, (Feral Cloak) for Archers, (Mana Robe) for Mages).

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The Rescue
No More Bears
Stupid Cows

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