Moonevil Den
Moonevil Den (abbr. Moon or MD) is the 9th multiplayer dungeon available in Hall of Heroes. It becomes available at level 60 and is the next instance players can enter until level 65. It's of average length without a Roaming Summoner. It does mostly physical damage but last boss requires a good amount of MDEF. The dungeon requires both good group make up and good stats. At least one Archer with Scatter Shot for final boss.

Party compositionEdit

Moon requires good party make up in order to succeed. Recommended:

  • 1 Archer with Scatter Shot (must for last boss)
  • A second Archer with Deep Freeze, better if uses Scatter shot too, especially for last boss
  • 1 Mage with lvl.2 Purification (first area boss only), Lvl.3 Suntoria, and Lvl.1 Blessing Light (to provide some breathing space in last boss) If only one Archer or low PDEF & MDEF tank need puri for first and last boss.
  • Knight with Apollo's shield is an added plus for the last boss
  • 1 Player with at least 10,000 PDEF to tank (or two players with 8500 PDEF)
  • All players must strive to have at least 8000 PDEF & MDEF
  • All players must have a battle rating around 40,000


Moonevil Den has 3 areas and 3 bosses.

Area 1Edit

The first area contains just fly-like insect enemies.They deal physical damage, some can stack bleeding, but these can usually be ignored (except on the boss).

The boss is a fly, appears with 4 minions. They deal physical damage and stack bleeding, requires a purification. The minions keep appearing after sometime, they cast a damage reduction buff which decreases received damage by 90%, a scatter shot is needed. Nothing too fatal in this area

The Traveller's Coin Purse and the Silver Treasure Chest are in this area.

Area 2Edit

This area contains more of the same enemies from area 1. They deal Physical damage. The Den contains 3 waves of insect enemies, nothing too challenging. Also contains a grave which will offer 40,000 Daru or 6 insects.

The Boss is a scorpion-like manticore. Does Physical damage and has an AoE attack. Summons a buff, increases its attack over time. Scatter doesn't affect the buff, better to use Deep Freeze to extend the time it takes to build. Parties that can do damage quickly work best.

Area 3Edit

This area contains one wave of the same insect enemies. Can be used to build up rage for last boss.

The boss is a giant insect larva, does both physical and magical damage. Has lots of AoE. Casts very high damage increasing buffs, this is where scatter is needed, the buffs are summoned almost every turn. Two archers focusing on Scatter Shot and Deep Freeze will be sufficient to pull off this dungeon.

The third contains a Pandora's Box (this one provides positive buffs only).

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