The Lost Treasure System was introduced in patch 2.46 Part 1. It is a daily quest that can be accepted from Berdim in Cloud City. Unlocks at level 55. Berdim will give players a treasure map which will offer a hint as to where the treasure is hidden. Follow the hints to discover the treasure's location, but be wary that the treasure is often guarded by vicious beasts!  

Treasure MapsEdit

Lost treasure3

Lost Treasure Maps

There are four Treasure Map Qualities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary. The higher the quality of the map is, the better the rewards which can be recieved from it.

A treasure map's quality has a chance to be improved using balens or Berdim's Wine. Clicking Refresh Map spends 15 balens or 1 Berdim's Wine; clicking 1-Click Refresh will consume 8 Berdim's Wine or 120 balens and automatically grant a Legendary Map.

  • Rewards can be claimed 5 times per day. Once attempts have been used up, players may still be able to participate in the quests but will earn no rewards.
  • Embarking on the hunt with a party will earn greater rewards: however, the one that opened the treasure map may recieve a bonus reward.
    • Four Player Party: 300% Bonus
    • Three Player Party: 200% Bonus
    • Two Player Party: 100% Bonus
    • One Player Party: No Bonus, base value
    • Open Orange Treasure Map: 33% Bonus
    • Open Purple Treasure Map: No Bonus
    • Open Blue Treasure Map: No Bonus
    • Open Green Treasure Map: No Bonus
  • Rewards for each party member are determined by the quality of the map used. 
  • Pay attention to what the screen says, based on what is says may give you even more rewards:
    • "Your Party members distracted the guards": 0% Bonus
    • "Your party member has caught th treasure thief": 33% Bonus
  • If a member of the party is not within the battle-trigger area when digging for treasure, the player may click the battle annoucement in the chat system to Immediately assist in battle.
  • If you are not on the exact location of where the teasure map tells you, you have to pay a 10 balen cost to dig; however if you are on the exact spot it is free.
  • Random occurence: there is a small chance to directly obtain the reward without fighting upon clicking the map while on spot. 

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