These Chests are rewarded when a wave of guardians are defeated in Tower of Kings. One Chest as a reward of completing one level. The Chest varies on type of difficulty mode selected, Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare. there are 4 types of chests, Bronze King Chest rewarded for competing in Easy mode, Silver King Chest rewarded for competing in Normal mode, Gold King Chest rewarded for competing in Hard mode and Diamond King Chest rewarded for competing in Nightmare mode.

Contents in ChestsEdit

Bronze King ChestEdit

Silver King ChestEdit

Gold King ChestEdit

  • Gold King Chest
    3 Lvl. 6 Crystaloids
  • 2 Shadow Souls
  • 45 Soul Crystals
  • 45 Runestones
  • 180 Insignias

Diamond King ChestEdit

  • Diamond King Chest
    1 Lvl. 70 Legendary Stones
  • 3 Shadow Souls
  • 120 Soul Crystals
  • 120 Runestones
  • 500 Insignias

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