Hall of Judgment is the third quest regarding a dungeon in The Demon Void and available as soon as the quest Temple of Fire has been completed. It is doable as soon as the player has reached level 64.


Passing the dungeon Hall of Judgment and defeating the dungeon boss Jayar, the Void Lord completes the quest.


Click on [Campaign] -> Select the [Hall of Judgment] -> Gain passage through 
the dungeon once.


When entering the dungeon:

Hero: That last battle was tough...I don't know how we survived. I feel so weak.
Elise: The power of Void is taking its toll on all of us. We must rest.
Hero: You are right, Elise, but I have the feeling we won't be able to rest for long.
Elise: Unfortunately, you are right, my liege. There are several Void Lords who will know we are nearing. They will be looking for us.
Yaros' friends will be coming for revenge. We should get ready.

When reaching the dungeon boss for the first time:

Jayar, the Void Lord: You've come too close to the Void. I must stop you!
Dinah: This is Jayar, one of the Void Lords. We will have defeat (sic!) each of the Void Lords to reach the interiors of the Void.
Hero: Well, then, let this be a test of our might!


Once completed, players are rewarded with 350000 EXP and 45000 Gold.

Questline Overview
Previous Quest(s)
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Temple of Fire
Hall of Judgment (Quest)
Defeat Void Slave
Soulless Tomb

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