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Guild members may spend their guild contribution to perform blessings at the guild altar (not to be confused with Divine Altar). This is essentially like spinning a prize wheel for random prizes. Each blessing will consume 20 contribution points. The higher the level of the altar, the more blessings a member may perform. Members get 3 blessings per altar level (3 at level 1, 6 at level 2, 9 at level 3, etc). The rewards for were updated to include more items in Patch 4.0.


Booster Items

see Scrolls

Booster items altar

Bound Balens

see Bound Balens

Bound Balens Altar
  • 2 Bound Balens
  • 4 Bound Balens
  • 6 Bound Balens
  • 8 Bound Balens
  • 10 Bound Balens


see Daru

Daru altar
  • 2,000 Daru
  • 5,000 Daru
  • 10,000 Daru
  • 20,000 Daru
  • 50,000 Daru


the books can also be sold for gold

EXP altar
  • Lvl. 1 EXP Book x1 (500 EXP)
  • Lvl. 2 EXP Book x1 (1,000 EXP)
  • Lvl. 3 EXP Book x1 (5,000 EXP)


see Gems

Gems altar


see Gold

Gold altar
  • 5,000 Gold
  • 10,000 Gold
  • 20,000 Gold
  • 50,000 Gold
  • 100,000 Gold


see Farm for detailed information on crops

Crops altar
  • L3 Gold Seed x5
  • L3 Superior Gold Seed x5
  • L3 Ultimate Gold Seed x5
  • L3 Daru Seed x5
  • L3 Superior Daru Seed x5
  • L3 Ultimate Daru Seed x5
  • L3 Kyanite Seed x5
  • L3 Superior Kyanite Seed x5
  • L3 Elite Kyanite Seed x5
  • L3 Leveler's Seed x5
  • L3 Superior Leveler's Seed x5
  • L3 Elite Leveler's Seed x5

Shop Item

Shop altar


see Potions

Strength altar
  • Random Lvl. 2 Potion
  • Random Lvl. 3 Potion
  • Random Lvl. 4 Potion
  • Random Lvl. 5 Potion
  • Major Stamina Potion
  • Extreme Stamina Potion


Tokens altar

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