Friendliness generationEdit

When you first add a friend to your list, it starts with level 1, 0 points. To increase the friendliness level you can:

  • Energize Tree of Ancients for your friend. This gives +1 point to each of you.
  • Fight in a Multiplayer Dungeon together. If completed, both of you get +10 points.
  • Present Rose or Rose Pack to your friend. This give NumberOfRoses points.
  • Meld a friend's Sylph when it's showing a dark-red gem. This gives EXP to Sylph and +1 friendliness point.

Friendliness degradationEdit

If your friend doesn't come online for a long time, your friendliness level will degrade. Degradation starts after 7 days offline, and degrades by 5 points per day. Coming back in game stops the degradation and resets the offline counter.

Friendliness levelsEdit

When the friendliness point count reaches the level limit, the friendliness level increases and the point count resets to 0.

Level Points to next level
1 10
2 20
3 50
4 100
5 200
6 300
7 400
8 500
9 n/a

Friendliness benefitsEdit

Farm bonusesEdit

When you energize your friend's tree you get gold and farm experience according to the friendliness level after energizing.

Multiplayer Dungeon bonusesEdit

When you run dungeons with players on your friends list, you will earn additional bonuses based on the different friends levels. As you can see from this list, it is good to have a bunch of friends who run dungeons with you to gain the extra experience points bonus to level up. Bonuses adds from all levels below, i.e. level 4 bonus is EXP +10%, HP +700.

Friendship Level Bonuses
1 EXP +5%
2 EXP +3% (+8% total)
3 EXP +2% (+10% total)
4 HP +700
5 Block +150
6 Crit +150
7 PDEF +280
8 MDEF +280
9 PATK/MATK +350

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