Forest of Doom
The Forest of Doom is the fifth Dungeon in the Murken Forest and the 12th dungeon alltogether, unlocked at Lvl. 24 and recommended for Lvl. 24-26. 


Forest of Doom consists of 2 areas.

Going straight down from the entrance players can find a Ancient Energy Reservoir. Activating it is neccessary in order to progress to the next area. A Forest Goddess Statue can be found in the upper right corner. Activating it gives a +5 % bonus on all stats for the remainder of the dungeon. Pandora's Box can be found in this area.

Area 2 is divided into two parts linked via a teleporter. The area itself is pretty straightforward with no junctions. At the end of the second part of area 2 the dungeon boss waits.


The first area contains the following groups of enemies:

Enemies in the second area:



Upon entering, the following dialogue occurs between Dinah and the hero:

Hero: Careful, Dinah. The forest ahead is very dense. It is nearly impossible to see ahead or what may be lurking in the forest around us.
Dinah: The road ahead is most likely full of traps. Watch where you step!
Hero: True, but according to the message from Elise, this is the only way to reach the village on the other side. We will need to sneak through.

When reaching the dungeon boss, the following dialogue occurs between Dinah, the boss and the hero:

Dinah: Look, it's Sonja the Sage! She was one of the greatest masters from the Imperial Temple, but has been missing for quite some time. What is she doing here?
Sonja the Sage: *cackles* Welcome to the abyss, my pretties! Dinah, I am so glad that you have joined me here! Bow down to the mighty Yaros and be blessed with his immortal power. Or, dare to refuse him, and feel his almighty wrath!
Hero: Oh no! She has already become a puppet of Yaros and the evil Void. All those traps we ran into must have been set by her!


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