Fate Guardian is a feature unlocked when the player reaches level 55. Fate Stones are used to raise the level of the skills in Fate Guardian.


Fate location

Fate Guardian location

The Fate Guardian is found in the inventory screen, to the upperleft of the player's character under Soul Engraving.

At level 55, the player will receive the usual level up pop-up window, and underneath the "Unlocked" will be written Fate Guardian. Fate Guardian requires the player to train (or more accurately, use) Fate Stones to increase the level of any passive Skill, so far Brutal Edge is available, which in turn increases attacks, health and chances on ignoring enemies defence, and Resistance which increases defenses and health.  Every level of training increases the stats of the skills.

Fate interface

Fate Guardian interface

In the Fate Guardian interface, the player is shown the current fate, experience bar of the skill and the number of Fate Stones, as well as the level of the skill. Also listed are "current level" effect and "next level" effect. If a player has fate stones, then the amount possessed will be shown and the player will be given the option to train the stones in a skill. On the right hand side a spinning wheel is shown Wheel of Fate. Wheel of Fate is used to obtain fate stones. Players will have one free attempt to spin this wheel, players may wish to use balens to spin the wheel again, every spin the amount of balens is increased. An additional 200 balens can be spent to ignore the lowest two possibilities. Players may do spins one-at-atime or 10 times at once.

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