Eudaemons are a feature introduced at version 4.0 of Wartune. They are unlocked at level 70, where player gets to choose a free Eudaemon through a quest available at that level by talking to God Timo NPC in Cloud City.


There are 3 "classes" of Eudaemon and two genders available for Mage, Archer and Knight types. Eudaemons do not have a resistance type assigned to them, but they can be either PATK- or MATK-based.

Currently, 10 Eudaemon types are available:

Eudaemon Types
Type Description
Battle Oracle Mage (male, MATK)
Sanctuary Hunter Archer (female, PATK)
Sacred Knight Knight (female, PATK)
Scourge Mage Mage (female, MATK)
Wind Ranger Archer (male, PATK)
Blood Warrior Knight (male, MATK)
Frost Panther Lord Knight (panther, PATK)
Flying Rabbit Mage (head-rabbit female, MATK)
Frost Dwarf Knight (frozen dwarf male, MATK)
Blood Demon MATK


Eudaemon follow character in a fashion similar to Sylphs and can be used alongside them. A Sylph can be assigned to Eudaemon as well, further boosting its battle rating. Sylph attached to Eudaemon boost its stats and attack passively - however, Eudaemon can not awaken with Sylph.

Eudaemon inherit a decent amount of the owner's stats, and having them equipped will greatly boost player's BR, especially after upgrades. However, they do not inherit all the stats, and some of the stats have to be increased by upgrading their equipment or the War Emblem.

Eudaemon Upgrading

By using Upgrade button in Eudaemon's Stats tab, player can use Blood of Zeus to upgrade Eudaemon level. Higher level change the look of Eudaemon and allow them to inherit additional stats from the player.

1 Blood of Zeus grants 10 points toward upgrade.

Eudaemon Upgrade levels
Level Blood of Zeus required to upgrade from the previous level
Eud 1
Eud 2
Eud 3
Eud 4
Eud 5
Eud 6
Eud 7
Eud 8
Eud 9
Eud 10
11 8,000
12 10,000


Enhance tab allows to upgrade Eudaemon's equipment in a similar manner to Player and Sylph equipment. Every eudaemon starts with a full set of white equipment. The equipment can then be upgraded in a fashion similar to Sylphs, but can not be taken off or moved to another Eudaemon, even if it's the same type and gender.

Equipment Enchanting

Equipment Upgrading (Legendary Equipment)

Equipment Refining

Equipment Socketing


Eudaemon's start with no skills available, the skills have to be obtained by opening either the skill chests available from Shop or the Eudademon Skill Chests.

General Skills

These are the 4 general skills for all the Eudaemon classes


Description Lvl.1 2 3 4 5
Fury Master  Increases player max Rage by 10 20 30 40 50
Awakening Master  Decreases the awakening drop value by 10 15 20 25 30
Chaos Resistance Increases Chaos resistance by a % for Eudaemon and character at the same time 5% 10% 15% 20% 30%
Anti-amnesia Increases Anti-amnesia by a % for Eudaemon and character at the same time 5% 10% 15% 20% 30%

War Emblem

Clicking the War Emblem allows to strengthen Eudaemon base stats as well as unlock and upgrade higher levels of resistances.

War Emblem

Clicking the Legendary Equipment allows player to upgrade Eudaemon's war emblem level, unlocking higher resistance levels and upgrading its base stats.

Eudaemon Warpath Crystal is used to upgrade Eudaemon's war emblem.

RES Reduction

Clicking the Engrave allows player to upgrade Eudaemon's RES reduction level.

Eudaemon Resistance Essence is required to upgrade Eudaemon's war emblem.


Clicking each of the orbs allows player to manage Eudaemon's resistances. Resistances can be swapped for free at any time.

Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence is required to upgrade Eudaemon's war emblem.

Growth Level

Each eudaemon type has Growth associated with it, equal to the highest level of eudaemon of that type multiplied by 100. The Growth across all eudaemon types are added when computing the overall Growth Level.

The resulting Growth Level (as described in the chart below) is important, as it gives bonuses to eudaemons (but not to the player).

Growth Level Growth needed (from previous level) Cumulative Growth required Damage Dealth Damage Recieved Chance of recieving crit
1 1000 1000
- -
2 1000 2000
3 1000 3000
4 1000 4000
5 1000 5000
6 1000 6000
7 1000 7000
8 1000 8000
9 1000 9000
10 1000 10000
11 1000
12 1000
13 1000