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Sylph Class: Electro

Type: Magical

Base HP: 1,000


Eve Seal

Eve Seal

Eve can be obtained by using Eve Seal. For obtaining an Eve Seal players have to battle Eve shadows in Lvl. 4 of Sylph Atoll. After each successful battle, the shadow will drop an Essence of Electro. 60 Essence of Electro can be exchanged with 1 Electro Sylph Seal from NPC Alice. Sometimes an Eve Seal is dropped directly after the battle. An Electro Sylph Seal has a chance to drop a Common, Uncommon or Rare Eve Seal. When a individual obtaines a Rare Eve Seal, a announcement is made in Current, World and System chat stating "Congratulations to [Player X] for obtaining Rare Eve Seal. What Luck!"

Editor recommendation: Eve is the perfect sylph for critical strikes dealing massive amounts of damage, she has destroying moves like Jupiter's Wrath, Short Circuit and a almost overpowered passive, Unstable Voltage making Eve and her evolution Hercules the best sylph for damage according to players. However, again, this sylph has no heals or good defense, these stats are often overlooked, without good defense you can attack but you won't be well protected.

Battle Ratting and ResistancesEdit

Battle Ratting gain count
1 1 1 1 1
Elemental Resistances
Fire Resistance Water Resistance Electro Resistance Wind Resistance Dark Resistance Light Resistance
50 100 200 -200 -100 -100

Skill Book 35x35SkillsEdit

Active SkillsEdit

Gaia (Active)

Active skills are permanent skills that cant be replaced

Name Description
Lightning's Roar
Lightning's Roar lvl.1
Increases player's PATK and MATK by 5% when active
Shock lvl.1
300% + 100 magic electric damage to a single front row target. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged
Chain Lightning
Chain Lightning lvl.1
200% + 80 magic electric damage to 1-2 enemies. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged

Awakened SkillsEdit

Awakened skills are permanent skills, but they can be replaced with another. They can be bought from Shop with both Bound and Unbound Balens. 4 Skills come with Eve as default - Thundering Strike, Short Circuit, Thunder Wave and Static Field (Passive). For Eve's awakened skill prices see Sylph Skill Scrolls.

Name Description Cooldown
Thundering Strike
Thundering Strike
165% + 120 magic electric damage to a single front row target. 1 seconds
Roll of Thunder
Roll of Thunder
150% + 100 magic electric damage. Floating damage +20%. Lasts 2 rounds 5 seconds
Jupiter's Wrath
Jupiter's Wrath
225% + 250 magic electric damage to a back-row target. 80% Chance to make a random skill not available for 2 rounds 8 seconds
Short Circuit
Short Circuit
185% + 200 magic electric damage to a single target. Enemies in the same column and row take 50% damage 15 seconds
Flash Storm
Flash Storm
240% + 265 magic electric damage to a random single target (prioritizes players). Simultaneously deals 20,000 damage to enemy soldiers 45 seconds
Static Field
Static Field (Passive)
Chance to prevent an enemy Crit next round -
Unstable Voltage
Unstable Voltage (Passive)
Every damage received increases attack by 5%. Stacks for a total of 50%. Lasts 2 rounds -
Master of Thunder
Master of Thunder (Passive)
10% chance after taking damage to increase crit rate by 15% next round -
Thunder Wave
Thunder Wave
470% + 515 magic electric damage to a single enemy 45 seconds
Jupiter's Blessing
Jupiter's Blessing
Crit rate and crit damage increased by 10% for 3 rounds 45 seconds

God TransformationEdit

An Eve with lvl 60+ and purple or ora
Hercules Seal

Hercules Seal

nge quality can be refined into its god transformation. It requires 1000 Star Sands and 10 Star Tear - Electro and transforms Eve in Hercules, being able to learn new skills.

Awakened SkillsEdit

Name Description Cooldown
Thunder Strike
Thunder Strike
Deals 230% + 1580 magic electro damage to a single front row enemy and reduces casting speed by 30%; lasts 3 turns 25 Seconds
Shock Chain
Shock Chain
Deals 187% + 1675 magic damage to a random enemy and reduces all the enemies' MDEF by 30%; lasts 3 turns 45 Seconds
Thunder Ablution
Thunder Ablution
Restores 15% HP, PDEF +20%, MDEF +20%, lasts 2 turns 45 Seconds
[Passive] Razor
Chance to increase awakening points by 150 for oneself -

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